Gerardo Tristano is an Italian composer. He is graduated in Philosophy at the University of Bari with a dissertation around the play into the perspective of art, esthetics and hermeneutics. His music has been available on the most important music web stores as iTunes, Amazon, Napster, Emusic. As a composer and after many music experiences and many important and prestigiuos prizes as the Stipendienpreis of Darmstadt 1990 and the International Prize of ISCM in Hong Kong 2002, he decides as a consequence of his own idea, to realize a new way of music language that ranges over an instrumental genre dyed by neoromantic colours. Sort of minimalism pop, his music evokes a feeling that we can define daring and enchanting. By a new usage of percussion instruments (vibraphone and glockenspiel) and the mix of strings trio (Violin Viola Cello) together with other contemporary instruments like the electric bass guitar and the alternation of both classic and electric guitar or else the presence of the acoustic grand piano, one can listen to a very personal sound rich of musical timbre and harmonic solutions always featured by a minimalist thinking. He made his debut with the group MANSION HOUSE on the 1st October 2011 at S.James Church Piccadilly - London. At the present he teachs COMPOSITION at the Conservatory of Music "L. Campiani" of Mantova. He is the author of the essay ANTROPOLOGIA DEL SUONO available on the web stores. 
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